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Frequently Asked Questions

  Since RoboTrax XL is ready to use right out of the box, what else do I need to get started with my robotics project?
A-  To use RoboTrax XL, you will need a chassis or frame to mount your track units on.  You will also need a brushed DC motor controller that is rated to 2.5A continuous and 6A peak, a 9-12V battery, and some type of contoller.  A controller can be a small single board computer, a hobby RC radio set rated for surface use, or even a tethered joystick connected directly to the motor controller.

Q- Can you recommend a motor controller that I can purchase?
A-  We have had excellent success using the Scorpion HX by Robot Power.   It is designed for interfacing directly to R/C radio equipment.

Q- Can I use my RoboTrax XL in water, or in wet enviroments?
A- Our current model is not recommended for use in water, or extremely wet conditions.  It is not designed to be water resistant.  Future models are planned that will address this limitation.

Q- Is RoboTrax XL designed to hold up to real world applications?
A- Yes, unlike may hobbyist kits and toys on the market today, RoboTrax XL is designed and built for the real world.   We use durable materials such as 6061 Aluminum, Delrin (Acetal), Urethane Elastomers, Stainless Steel, and Brass to provide a robust and user serviceable platform for your robotics projects.