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Semi-Custom Design and Joint Development

HomeBot Robotics is constantly looking for opportunities to work with Application Developers, Universities, and Public Safety organizations to co-develop robotics products that also fit within our mission and strategy. We will also modify or enhance our own products to suit a customer's needs. Please contact us to discuss your specific situation.

Application Developers

We can help design and build application specific platforms for developers with special needs. Our expertise in developing robotic platorms can enable you to focus your time on your own value added technology that will differentiate your product from the competion.

University Researchers

A robust, easy to deploy platform can allow researchers to concentrate on innovation rather than "reinventing the wheel" building the entire robot from scratch. Standardizing on a rugged, all terrain open architecture platform can save both money and time for a research organization.

Local Law Enforcement and Homeland Security

Many existing mobile robotics applications are based on military technology that is priced out of reach of many Municipal Police and Fire departments. We are happy to work with Police and Fire Departments to help specify, design, build, and deploy a more cost effective solution that will meet their needs.

High School and Middle School Robotics Education Programs

HomeBot is committed to the advancement of Science and Mathematics in our country's schools.  We are always open to opportunities to help develop robotics oriented educational programs to help stimulate student's interests in the Sciences.

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Need help designing and building your custom application? 

HomeBot Robotics recommends TouchStone 3D Services for all of your prototyping needs.    They offer product design and development services, 3D Laser Scanning, CAD modeling and product visualization services, CNC machining, Plastic and Rubber molding and casting, and rapid prototyping services.   They maintain their own "fab lab" and can support most prototyping needs in house.

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