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Company Background

HomeBot Robot Robotics was founded in 2004 with the vision of improving the quality of life in today's world by making mobile robotic technology accessible, affordable, and usable by everyone, everywhere...

The company's strategy is to offer an Open Architecture approach to designing, building, and deploying mobile robots to solve real world problems.  

Major emphasis is being placed on providing solutions that eliminate the need for humans to perform dull, dirty, or dangerous tasks in an around the home, and within the  public safety and homeland security arena.

It all starts with education...  HomeBot Robotics is committed to offering products and support for robotics programs at the High School and Middle School levels to help promote innovation through the advancement of science and mathematics among the young people of our society.  Many of the products we are planning have this goal in mind.

HomeBot Robotics is constantly on the lookout for opportunities for partnerships, licensing of intellectual property, and semi-custom or joint product development.  So, please feel free to contact us if you would like to discuss a possible business relationship.   (Contact Us)

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About HomeBot's Founder

Allen Moore, founder and owner of HomeBot Robotics has an engineering degree and 24 years experience in the development of high technology products. 

Mr. Moore has held several management level positions in engineering and marketing during his career.  Prior to becoming an inventor and entrepreneur, he gained valuable experience with high technology companies such as Alcatel USA, Ericsson IP Infrastrucure (a Division of Ericsson, Inc.), and Harris Corporation (Aerospace Systems Division).   He also founded and operated Swift Solutions, Inc., an electronic design consulting firm in the early 90's.